Washington Vacation Rentals (139)

In the northwestern coast of the United States is Washington. This beautiful state has an equally amazing coastline that is bound to provide endless adventures.

Aside from an abundance of seafood available in this state, there are many breathtaking sites scattered around Washington. Visitors to this state can see whales around San Juan Island, where kayaking is also very popular. Kayaking and canoeing can be found almost everywhere, and some locations include the American River Valley and Tanglewood Island. In the American River Valley, river rafting and tubing are also available here and at Kanaskat-Palmer State Park. Where ever visitors choose to go when it comes to the water, swimming is almost always an option. Popular locations include Alder Lake, Bay View State Park and Camano Island State Park. Sailing in Washington can easily be done, it is just a matter of where. Much of the sailing in this state can be done around Seattle and Shaw Island.

Washington is a beautiful state with excellent views and all kinds of activities that will surely capture your attention.