South Carolina Vacation Rentals (14)

Situated near the middle of the the United States' Atlantic Coast is the state of South Carolina. This warm state offers much to do when it comes to the sand and sea, and it is all just a matter of figuring out where to start.

The stunning white sand beaches of South Carolina can be found in one of three regions: Grand Strand and Myrtle Beach, Charleston and Lowcountry and Resort Islands. At Myrtle Beach, usual shoreline activities can be found, such as tanning, boating and swimming. Visitors can also see Murrell's Inlet, a historic fishing village that was once home to pirates and is now a great seafood location. Here, visitors can parasail, kayak, and jet-ski. A quieter beach in this region is Litchfield Beach, which offers many of the same activities without all the crowds. Charleston is full of historic buildings and beautiful places like Edisto Beach and Seabrook, where visitors can surf and fish. Lowcountry and Resort Islands have beautiful beaches and marshes to visit where wild animals flock. 

South Carolina has a beautiful shoreline that calls all kinds of creatures to play in its waters.

South Carolina's Most Popular Beaches