Ohio Vacation Rentals (1)

South of Lake Erie is the state of Ohio. While not located along the eastern or western shores of the United States, this state has a fun amount of activities waiting within its borders.

While in Ohio, visitors can go canoeing in a number of places. Some popular places throughout the state include the Mohican Reservation in the northern part of Ohio, Hocking Hills towards the south. Another popular activity in Ohio is fishing with popular locations being Charles Mills Lake, Lake Wapusun, and Long Lake Park. Ohio also has a number of water-based amusement parks, such as Castaway Bay at Cedar Point, Fort Rapids Indoors Water Park, and Splash Harbor. Each of these places have unique themes that make these places perfect for family vacations. Lake Erie upon the northern border is full of activity. While the waters of this lake nip at your toes, the potential for fun is high. From lighthouses to fishing and bird-watching, this lake has many activities sure to suit any avid adventurer.

Ohio is a pleasant state that has more than enough attractions to whet the appetites of any explorer.