North Carolina Vacation Rentals (10)

Situated along the eastern coast of the United States is the warm state of North Carolina. This state has everything imaginable, from vineyards to majestic mountains and activities for the adventurous traveler.

In the southernmost part of the state are the Brunswick Islands. There are five islands with popular beaches on their shores, such as Sunset Beach, Cape Fear River and Caswell Beach. Fishing and boating around the islands are possible, but some of the islands have their own unique activities. Oak Island, for example, has canoeing and kayaking available on its shores while Holden Beach is great for fishing. Those who like to sail should head to Oriental, the center of all sailing events in North Carolina and because it is a fishing town, visitors can engage in trying to catch the bounty of the sea. Lighthouse enthusiasts will be delighted with the number of lighthouses that dot the coast of North Carolina. Some popular ones are Bodie Island Lighthouse, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, and the Ocracoke Lighthouse.

No matter who comes to visit the shores of North Carolina, they will certainly find the activities that excite them in this lively state.

North Carolina's Most Popular Beaches