New York Vacation Rentals (4)

Best known best for being the home of the Big Apple, the northeastern state of New York has a plenty of shoreline and beautiful locales by the water that visitors should not miss out on.

One of the popular things to do while in New York is visit the Niagara Falls. While seeing the falls is one of the activities that can be done here, swimming and sightseeing along the river are other activities that can be done here. Another popular water spot to head to is Montauk. Ditch Plains, Trailer Park, and Big Rock are just some of the beaches that locals venture to for surfing during the prime months. Camp Hero is the post for expert surfers as big waves frequent these shores. Kite-surfing is also possible in New York, particularly at Napeague Harbor. Lessons are available here for beginners and anyone interested in learning. Kayaking is possible in the New York Harbor and Deerfield River in the Berkshires.

Aside from the bright city lights, New York has wonderful spots for water sports many people would not expect to find in the home state of the Big Apple.

New York's Most Popular Beaches