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The northeast of America is home to the beautiful state of New Hampshire. This state has many beautiful natural features that can be viewed from land or on a boat, all waiting to be explored.

Those who want to visit the beach can head to Wallis Sands State Beach. From here, visitors can see the Isles of Shoals. Bedell Bridge State Park is another great place to visit if interested in fishing and boating. Newfound Lake is a hidden gem among the lakes of New Hampshire and provides and peaceful and quiet experience for those who look, offering a waterfall and small pool to relax in. If hunting for waterfalls, there are many scattered across the state. Some, like Silver Cascade and Flume Cascade can be seen from the roads. Others require hiking but are well worth the trip. If looking for an exciting adventure, be sure to head to North Woods, the only white water rafting area in New Hampshire. Aside from rafting, visitors can also paddle in this area.

New Hampshire is a treasure trove of natural beauty hidden in the pockets of the mountains, promising to be worth the adventure.

New Hampshire's Most Popular Beaches