Mississippi Vacation Rentals (6)

Mississippi is a state named for the eponymous river that flows along the western border. Aside from having a waterway to the ocean, this state is also privy to a small stretch of the Atlantic coast.

Kayaking and canoeing are some of the activities that can be done while in Mississippi. Rentals are available if visitors cannot provide their own vessels and because of the weather, this state is perfect all year round. Some popular spots to enjoy these sports are Horn Island, and Gulf Island National Seashore. Another popular water adventure in in Mississippi is fishing. There are many tournaments hosted here throughout the year, and a variety of fish to catch, such as bass, bream and catfish. There are even charters available to venture out into the deep-sea. Nature lovers will also enjoy the many wildlife festivals hosted here throughout the year at places such as the Mississippi River Nature Festival and the Pascagoula River Nature Festival.

Mississippi may be quiet but its waters are certainly alive with activity and are exciting enough to lure any vacationer into these fun waters.