Massachusetts Vacation Rentals (10)

Massachusetts is one of the northernmost state in the country. An intellectual center of growth, Massachusetts has a lot to offer to the bright and daring. Also for the bright and daring are the many water sports that are available in this state, from the exciting and competitive and the relaxing to cool down.

Aside from academics, Massachusetts is well known for its rowing event, Head of the Charles. This regatta has been hosted annually for over 40 years and is a large event in the rowing community. Another popular water sport and activity in the Massachusetts area is sailing. There are many regattas hosted throughout the year. Recreational sailing can also be done along the coast, with Boston being one of the more popular spots. There are also a large amount of sailing schools along the Massachusetts coast. The great winds make these same coasts fantastic for windsurfing and kite-surfing, particularly at Cape Cod and Nahant.

Anyone heading towards Massachusetts will be around many activities that will stimulate their mind and body, especially along the coast.

Massachusetts's Most Popular Beaches