Maryland Vacation Rentals (2)

Surrounding the Chesapeake Bay on the eastern coast of the United States is Maryland. With so much water, everyone will find more than their share of water sports in this state.

The easternmost edge of the state is often referred to as the Eastern Shore. It is on this shore that Ocean City, a popular and often frequented Maryland vacation spot can be found. This place is chock-full of activities, and all kinds of water adventures can be found. From here, visitors can go deep-sea fishing, sailing, dolphin and whale-watching, as well as kayaking. On the western half of Maryland, there are many of the same activities with a quieter atmosphere. On this side of the country, visitors can find Deep Creek Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Maryland. Much like Ocean City, sailing and fishing are available here. The Chesapeake Bay can also be accessed from much of Maryland and offers a number of activities for visitors to enjoy.

These water sports, coupled with great company and seafood, make Maryland a great place to visit for those who want to be surrounded by everything aquatic.