Ewa Beach Vacation Rentals

Pu'uloa Beach Vacation

Pu'uloa Beach Vacation

Sleeps 4 | Daily: $135. A two story cottage with full amenities on beachfront property. One of the best uncrowded beaches on Oahu. 25 minutes by car to just about anywhere on Oahu. 12 golf courses... More info

Ewa Beach

Ewa Beach is found on the southern shore of Oahu.

This city on Oahu's shores offers a quiet and comforting vacation experience for those who want to get away. The eponymous Ewa Beach has a number of activities for visitors to do. In fact, many of the houses around here are just a 5 minute walk away. The waters around Ewa Beach are great for swimming, and with tons of space along the beach, perfect for a bit of privacy along the shore. The calmer waves make it perfect for novice body-boarders to become accustomed with the sport. Near Ewa Beach is another beach called White Plains, which is also very popular with body-boarders because of the constant two through four foot waves. Surfers also travel to this beach to practice and share the waves with other visitors to the area. Like Ewa Beach, this is a quieter shore because it is far removed from the crowds of more well-known beaches.

Anyone who wants to get away from the crowds and hotels of Waikiki should definitely check out the relaxing area of Ewa Beach, which offers great water sports opportunities for all kinds of vacationers.