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Tree House for Rent in Beautif

Tree House for Rent in Beautif

Sleeps 2 | Daily: for rates | Weekly: Please | Monthly: email You will find a magical, romantic getaway here, three miles from Hana town. A spectacula­r ocean view overlooks a flower farm from the jungle treetops! Please use the... More info


The Road to Hana is one of Maui's best known features, and Hana the song is known well also.

This vacation spot is removed from many of Maui's busier spots and is a great place to retreat from the bright lights in the city. Hana has a number of exceptional beaches near it. Hana Beach Park shares the town's name, and is great for surfing closer to the northern shore of the bay and through the winter months. The summer months are calmer and make the beach safer for activities like swimming, snorkeling, and scuba-diving. Another beach on this side of the island is Hanamanu Beach, which is virtually unreachable by car and is surrounded by the lush rain forests of Hawaii. While not a good place for swimming, it is definitely a sight to behold with the black sand gracing its shores. Other great beaches near Hana include Hamoa Beach Park, Koki Beach, and Kaihalulu, which has unusually bright red sand.

Hana is an excellent place to visit because its isolation gives it a natural charm which entices visitors to come to its beautiful shores.