Anahola Vacation Rentals

A Love Nest Cottage

A Love Nest Cottage

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Situated near the northeastern corner of Kauai is the area of Anahola.

Nestled near mountains, this small town is accompanied by a bay of the same name, promising one twice as much fun.Anahola Bay provides a quiet seaside sanctuary to any tourists who choose to stop at this hidden spot. This bay is lined with coconut trees and views of Kauai's mountains. In fact, it is part of the aptly named "Coconut Coast," as these trees line the shores. While here, visitors can lay in the sun to have a relaxing picnic on the beach. The bay protects the shoreline making this beach a great place for swimming and snorkeling. This area is also a great place for novice divers to practice their skills. The northern part of the bay allows surfers to harness the waves, while the river that opens into the bay makes the perfect environment for body-boarding. Be careful around the mouth of the river, however, as the strong currents can pull swimmers under.

This cozy town located perfectly between the mountains and sea offers visitors the perfect chance to get away from all the city lights and enjoy the natural surroundings of Hawaii.