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One of the Big Island's major cities is Hilo, located on the northwestern part of the island.

This city is found right along the coast, making it a gateway to many water adventures. For those who want to venture into the island, the Rainbow Falls are a great place to start. From these falls come gushing rapids and cascading falls that nurture the surrounding wildlife that is unique to Hawaii. There are many beaches that are accessible from the Big Island's Hilo Coast, such as Lelewi Beach. While at this beach, visitors can go swimming, snorkeling, surfing and fishing. Coconut Island is another spot to visit, and is a quiet place to have a beach picnic and swim. There are many reefs surrounding Hilo, making it a great place to go scuba-diving. Kayaking is another popular activity and there are many safe launch points around Hilo that are safe for kayaking enthusiasts.

Hilo has much to offer in natural gifts such as the unique wildlife and surroundings, making it a beautiful vacation spot for nature enthusiasts.