Hamakua Coast Vacation Rentals (1)

Hamakua Coast Vacation Rentals

Hamakua Coast is found on the northeastern section of the Big Island. The area is surrounded by lush forests and clear waters, making it a beautifully exotic place to visit.

Visitors to the area can drive along the Hamakua Corridor, roadway that borders the coastline and offers scenic points of the ocean and forests. The forests in this region were once used as farmlands for the Hawaiians and the wood for canoes were harvested from these forests as well. Be sure to visit the Akaka falls while in the area as this hike takes visitors by some of the island’s most stunning waterfalls. Popular beaches near Hamakua include Leleiwi Beach Park and Richardson’s Ocean Center. Both of these beaches have amenities such as picnic tables and restroom, and they both offer opportunities for residents to go diving, swimming and snorkeling. Richardson’s has its own unique trait: black sand on this lovely beach.

Hamakua coast offers visitors a unique vacation experience. From the lush rainforests to the crashing waves on the beach, Hamakua showcases the exquisite beauty of this Hawaiian island.