Big Island Vacation Rentals (12)

Big Island

The Big Island certainly lives up to its namesake. While on this island, you know you’re going to be as active as Kilauea, the world’s most dynamic volcano.

While on the Big Island, be sure to visit Punalu’u Black Sand Beach. As its name suggests, this beach has black sand, which was formed to the unique interaction of lava and sea. At this beach, you will spot many of Hawaii’s indigenous and endangered creatures, such as the green sea turtle. If you bring snorkels or diving gear, you can watch these creatures float through the waters effortlessly. Keep in mind that approaching them is illegal, so be sure to admire then from a distance.

You can do a number of ocean related activities while on the Big Island. During the day, you may be interested in surfing on the waves, or taking a submarine tour to view the underwater sea life. At night you may embark on a dinner or cocktail cruise or even join a manta ray scuba tour.

The largest of the Hawaiian islands, you know that there is going to be more than enough space to conduct your island adventures. After all, adventures are big here too.

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