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The island of Oahu is considered by many to be the most dramatic of the Hawaiian islands With Honolulu and Waikiki, Oahu is an exciting beach vacation destination, with more things to see and do, and more places to eat than all of the other Hawaiian Islands combined. Dominated by the spectacular views provided by Diamond Head crater, Oahu is an exciting beach vacation experience.


The lush island of Maui, second-largest of the Hawaiian chain, features tropical sun, surf, and sports activities. With four major resort destination areas, Haleakala - a 10,023' dormant volcano, Lahaina - an old whaling port, and villages where the natives still speak Hawaiian; Maui is a terrific island for a family beach vacation.


The island of Kauai features some of the most beautiful locations in Hawaii. Nicknamed the Garden Isle, Kauai is unmatched in its physical beauty. Kauai, the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, is rich in both natural history and the beauty of its past cultures.

Big Island of Hawaii

Home to the famous resort of Kailua Kona, the Big Island is twice the size of the other Hawaiian Islands combined. The Big Island offers 266 miles of black-lava, white-coral and green-olivine coastline, unbelievable beaches, incredible restaurants, deep-sea trolling, scenic golf courses, scuba diving and active volcanoes.

The Hawaiian Islands are the most exotic and tropical state in the USA, with 132 islands and atolls stretching across 1600 miles of the Pacific. Hawaii's main islands consist of the Big Island of Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, Molokai, Oahu, and Lanai.

Sand, surf, sun, and sometimes paradise, are words synonymous with Hawaii. While far removed from the United States this unique and tropical island is a destination many people want to visit.


Hawaii is best known for its marvelous beaches, many of which have been named as the best on many travel websites. Oahu, the island chain’s most frequented and populated island, is home to Waikiki beach, which was once the ocean retreat for Hawaiian royals. Another popular location is the North Shore, best known for its record-breaking waves during the winter, is great for expert surfers and those who want to watch. When it comes to adventures in the sea, there is no limit to what guests to the islands can do. Those who like to snorkel can head to Hanauma Bay on Oahu or Molokini Crater on Maui. Surfing, windsurfing and kayaking can be found throughout most of the islands for those who like to spend their days on the water. When it comes to aquatic wildlife, Hawaii is the place to be as unique creatures like the
humpback whale venture here during the winter months.

Visitors to Hawaii will never run out of aquatic adventures, making this place paradise for those who love the sand and sea.

Whether you plan to visit Hawaii for a family beach vacation, honeymoon, or business trip, you will be enchanted by Hawaii's natural beauty and warm hospitality. Hawaii real estate makes a great investment as well if you are looking to buy a second home and rent it out while you are not using it.

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