Florida Keys Vacation Rentals (26)

The cluster of islands sprinkled off Florida’s southern coast are known as the Florida keys. With approximately 1700 islands, there is a range of activities one can participate in.  The islands are separated into three sections, the Upper Keys, Middle Keys, and Lower Keys.  The Seven Mile Bridge connects the Middle Keys to the Lower Keys is one of the longest bridges in the United States.

The Upper Keys are home to fossilized coral reefs, which had been exposed as the sea levels dropped.  Here, you can visit the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.  You can explore the area by foot or vehicle along the many nature trails.  You can also visit Cannon Beach where snorkeling is very popular. A hundred feet off the shore of this beach are the remains of an early Spanish shipwreck.

The Middle Keys also have a lot to do. You could visit the Long Key State Park, and paddle through the lagoons, or take one of the many nature trails on the various islands.  It is in this section of the Florida Keys that the Seven Mile Bridge begins.  Around here, you could also picnic and enjoy some fishing off the bridge.

The Lower Keys are the endpoint of the Seven Mile Bridge, if you do choose to drive across it.  Within the Lower Keys, Bahia Honda State Park is located. There are white sandy beaches for much fun in the sun. Like the other Keys, fishing and snorkeling are available. What’s special about this particular part is the variety of shorebirds and wading birds that wander around this park.

Whatever you choose to do in the Florida Keys, there is something to do for every and any kind of traveler.

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