Delaware Vacation Rentals (1)

The small state neighboring Maryland on its easternmost border is Delaware. Even though it is small, much of this state borders the eponymous bay and river. In fact, most of Delaware is about 50 miles away from the closest beach. With this kind of access, there bound to be fun waiting on sunny days.
There are a few nature reserves located in Delaware, such as the Bombay Hook National Refuge and the Prime Hook Wildlife National Refuge. Bombay Hook National Refuge is one of many reserves that protect the salt marshes that provide homes for migratory birds while the Prime Hook Wildlife National Refuge has the same purpose for more coastal regions. This is perfect for any wildlife enthusiast as many visitors flock to these destinations each year.
There are a ton of water sports to be enjoyed in the bay like sports fishing, as visitors can book charters to take them out to try their luck. Some popular beaches on the coast of Delaware include Rehoboth Beach, Cape Henlopen Beach and Bethany Beach.
Despite its size, Delaware has many wonderful beaches for visitors to enjoy the natural wonders present in the state.