Connecticut Vacation Rentals (1)

In the northeastern region of the United States is the quiet state of Connecticut. While not known for surfing, this Atlantic shoreline state has all kinds of kayaking and canoeing adventures that will appeal to the outdoor enthusiast in anyone.
Connecticut has a number of tributaries that are perfect for this activity. The Farmington River, however, is the perfect spot for a relaxing day away from home. A popular activity to take part in at this location is tubing, where visitors can ride the river for 2.5 miles and enjoy the Connecticut wildlife while riding off some rapids. Kayaking and canoeing are available on other parts of this river. Kayakers have been known to practice their tricks at T-Ville Hole. There are also a number of lighthouses that dot the shores, such as Saybrook Breakwater Light and Green’s Ledge Light. With lighthouses come beaches and there are a number of beaches to explore such as Calf Pasture Beach and Jennings Beach.
Connecticut may not be full of surf but it certainly is a fascinating place to visit.

Connecticut's Most Popular Beaches