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Surrounded by miles of endless blue waters is the island of Tahiti, the largest island within French Polynesia. This marvelous getaway will certain put the mind and body of any visitor at ease with its tranquil waves and beautiful turquoise waters.

These waters are only the beginning to the amazing adventures that wait underneath the surface of the ocean. The marine life surrounding this fantastic island is magnificent with large manta rays gliding gracefully through the waters and dolphins in their aquatic playground. The dive sites here cater to divers of all levels, and some popular spots include Papa Whisky, The Wrecks, and St. Etienne Drop-Off. Those who are more daring can participate in hand-feeding sharks in the area. At many of the beaches, visitors can enjoy water sports such as jet-skiing, windsurfing, and parasailing. Of course, there is nothing wrong with lying out on the sand, enjoying the tropical sun.

Tahiti is a wonderful place to visit because of the unique experiences it offers to all its visitors. Guests should never pass up a chance to visit this lovely piece of paradise.