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The South Pacific Islands generally include islands and countries in the southern parts of the Pacific Ocean. Some countries included are Tuvalu, Tonga, and Samoa. Each of the countries included in this area have unique cultures and traditions that are tied to each island nation.

Tourists will never miss out on the beaches found on the islands here. Many of them have bright white sands surrounded by ocean waters of many hues. Each of the beaches has their own unique charms that continue to entice visitors throughout the many months. On many of the islands in this region, visitors can book cruises of all sorts that circle the islands they choose to visit. Many of these cruises take guests to untouched parts of the islands they choose to visit, and show them new views of the beautiful tropical forests and beaches that bless each of the islands. From exploring the rivers to circling the shores, kayaking is another popular activity on many of the islands.  

Traveling to the South Pacific Islands is a fantastic idea for those who want to experience the in ways that may differ from the conventional ocean adventure vacation.