New Zealand Vacation Rentals (5)

Situated southeast of the Australian continent is the island nation of New Zealand which is split between North Island and South Island. From its rugged mountains to the calming beaches, New Zealand has adventure packed into every inch of its beautiful outdoors.

North Island has many activities for visitors to participate in, but perhaps most popular is surfing. This island has an assortment of remote surfing spots that visitors will enjoy because of the great waves and the lack of crowds. The eastern and western coasts of this island have very different surfing traits, as the west is rough while the east is smoother.

South Island also has a number of activities to participate in. From whale and dolphin watching to swimming and kayaking, visitors will always be busy. Milford Sound is a national park in the region of Fiordland where nature can be seen in its full glory, with mountains towering over visitors as they cruise through the lake. It is also possible to kayak in the waters.

New Zealand is a nature lovers’ paradise and every breathtaking part of this country promises to hold an adventure.

New Zealand's Most Popular Beaches