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New Guinea is the second largest island in the world, located north of Australia. This island is home to the country of Papua New Guinea and the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua. This large island is full of adventures waiting to happen.

Papua New Guinea occupies the eastern half of the island, and there are tons of water sports waiting to be enjoyed here. Diving is one of these sports, and the thriving reefs which are home to hundreds of unique marine species. Some great places are Eastern Fields and the Coral Sea. Surfing is another popular activity, and some of the best surf spots are on Simberi Island.

On the Indonesian half of New Guinea, there are also tons of places to visit, especially the beaches. Pasir Putih Beach is a gorgeous white sand beach that is perfect for a relaxing swim. Lake Sentani is another quiet place to visit, as its shores have been left untouched by tourism.

The island of New Guinea is a great place to visit, and no matter where visitors go, each part of the island will have unique kinds of entertainment.