Fiji Vacation Rentals (1)

Fiji is an archipelago that consists of over 500 islands and islets that is located north of New Zealand. This beautiful island has much to do in untouched nature, that visitors will truly feel as though they are in paradise.

There are tons of things to do in this island nation. The Fiji Swims are open water swims that are hosted each year but the country. Swimmers of all ages and skill levels come to participate in this fun, adrenaline pumping event. Diving is another exciting activity that visitors can participate in. The marine life in Fiji is unique and diverse, and divers can always be excited by the rainbows of fish found underwater. Great places to dive include Savusavu Bay, the island of Vanua Levu, and Big Blue. Those who enjoy white-water rafting will certainly enjoy the Navua River, where adventurers are surrounded by beautiful volcanic rock formations coupled with the tropical plants.

Fiji is a wonderful place to see and explore since much of it has been left untouched by the fast paced world.