Uruguay Vacation Rentals (1)

Nestled between the countries of Brazil and Argentina is the very small country of Uruguay. This quiet little country is a gem in the South American continent as it is hidden between its larger neighbors. Even with this, it constantly proves to be a wonderful please to be.

Uruguay has a string of many beautiful beaches on its ocean shore. Those looking for a luxurious vacation spot should set their sights on Punta del Este, a popular tourist destination that has all the amenities visitors could want on vacation. Equipped with tons of sunshine, sand, and sea, guests are rarely ever disappointed with the inherent beauty of this area. Sailing is a popular activity here, as well as water-skiing, and windsurfing.

If looking for places to visit outside of the main tourist area, there are tons of places to look. There is the city of Chuy, which borders Brazil. Shopping here is great, and tourists may be fascinated by the beautiful lagoons that surround the city. La Paloma is another place to visit, as it is a quieter town characterized by fishermen and sailors.

Uruguay is a beautiful country to visit, and is truly a hidden treasure in South America.