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Enchanting apts. in Miraflores

Enchanting apts. in Miraflores

Sleeps 2 | Daily: 35 | Weekly: 220 | Monthly: 650 Beautiful one and two bedrooms self catering apartments in the besta areas of Miraflores­, close to Miraflores beach, were our national surfers champions learn their first... More info

Peru is found on the western coast of South America. This country is home to some amazing sites, such as Machu Picchu on the Andes Mountains and the Amazon River Basin. There are tons of beautiful sights in Peru as well as beautiful beaches that accompany them. 

Lake Titicaca is spread across the top of a plateau along the Andes Mountains. It is the largest lake in South America and is split between Bolivia and Peru. There are a few small islands on the waters of Lake Titicaca that tourists can visit and see old Incan ruins.

Those enjoy surfing will definitely want to visit Lima, where the waves are constant and are manageable by beginners and experts. Of course, visitors can do more than just surf, as they can also sail and enjoy a fishing trip on the water. The white sandy beaches and sparkling waters do more than invite visitors to enjoy the ocean.

There are many fun activities do to in Peru, as there is never a shortage of breathtaking and awe inspiring things to behold in this country.