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Located just where Central America meets South America is the country of Columbia. Its location makes Columbia a great meeting place of cultures and activities.

A popular place to visit is Providencia Island, which once was a harbor for some very infamous pirates. It is a very popular tourist site, as many visitors come to play in the cool turquoise waters that surround this island. Guests can participate in water activities found here, such as water skiing, and diving on the island’s primary beach, Southwest Beach.

Another popular place for tourists to visit is the island of San Andres. This warm island has been named a World Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations. Diving is a popular activity here as there are many beautiful reefs to explore. While here, there is a ton of nature sites to explore, such as the Sucre Island, which has beautiful white sand beaches to lie on for basking in the sun. Those who like to collect shells may enjoy Haynes Cay, where there are many varieties of sea shells to be found.

Columbia is a wonderful place to visit, and with access to both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, guests know they will never run out of ocean fun.