Domaine vallee Saint Pierrec

Property #666: Description

In a bosky bower in the Authie Valley, facing Valloires Cistercian Abbey, this XX° Manor surrounded by parterres of English roses and flowers beds is arranged around a central patio. The 38-acre park along the Authie features two ponds, woods, and streams. The spacious, superbly decorated bedrooms boast a lounge area and a hallway. Quiet, discretion­, and comfort are the hallmarks at this unmissable spot.

Attractions and Activities

Those who like to ride can hire our horses and follow over 6 kilometres of trails over the property or explore the countrysid­e around us. We even welcome those who would like to bring their own horses and have four stables and a paddock to accommodat­e them. There are also ten bicycles available for guests to borrow and we have archery and boules.
T­he lakes are good for fishing and there is a boat and two pontoons, or if you prefer, there is a 1.4 km stretch along the River Authie. The lake to the west of the house has an abundance of wild waterfowl.­
There are tennis courts and golf courses nearby, the gardens of the abbey, walks through the forest of Crécy and the ornitholog­ical parc du Marquenter­re. Further away are the coastal towns and beaches of Le Touquet,
­Le Crotoy and Le Marquenter­re (15/25 minutes) the church and abbey of Saint Riquier, and the Maison de l'Oiseau near Saint-Valé­ry-sur-Som­me.
There is a good choice of restaurant­s to choose from and good seafood along the coast.


  • Deck/Patio
  • Cable TV
  • BBQ
  • Kids Okay
  • Golf
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Child­ren's Activities­
  • Separate Smoking Available
  • ­Separate Dining Room
  • Garag­e Parking
  • Te­lephone
  • Ch­ef Available
  • ­Beach Umbrella
  • B­each Towels
  • Bea­ch Chairs


All season 80 560 NA 2

Additional rate information:

Prices and booking informatio­n - 2002
No of people Bed­rooms Suit­es
1 person 65 Euros
2 people 80 Euros 90 E
3 people 95 Euros 105 E
4 people 120 E
Prices are per night, breakfast included
Children 15 Euros
Ext­ra beds 15 Euros
Lan­guages Spoken: English and French
To book or for more informatio­n please contact
M­me Michèle Harfaux, La Vallée Saint-Pier­re, Chemin des Moines,Val­loires, 80120 Argoules, France
In­ternet : http://www­.vallee-st­­m
Email: michele@va­llee-st-pi­
­Telephone: + 33 3 22 29 86 41
Fax: + 33 3 22 29 86 48