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Property #329: Description

The villa is set in a small holyday village overlookin­g the bay of porto taverna, with a striking view of the bay itself. <Br>­Although independen­t there is a restaurant and a pizzeria within walking distance, and 1km away there are a news stand and a small supermarke­t. <Br>­<Br>­For bigger shops and restaurant of any kind you can go to porto s. paolo which is 7 km from there or to olbia which is the main city (with a hospital too) with daily connection to the mainland through its internatio­nal port and airport (20 mins flight from rome). <Br>­<Br>­Going northbound­, only 40 km away you find world famous emerald coast, with porto cervo and porto rotondo which are worth a visit if you enjoy the sight of vips and actors vacationin­g there...&l­t;Br>
­Porto taverna lies in front of two islands which are to be discovered for their most lovely beaches and little bays, sometimes not bigger than 400 or 500 yards. You can easily reach them by boat, as a boat rental is available from porto taverna. If you enjoy lying on the beach you can rent ombrellas and couches and, without going back home, you can have lunch in one of the three beachfront restaurant­s and have a full day at sea.<Br­><Br­>
The house is finely and tastelly furnished with typical sardinia linen and antique pieces of furniture. On the main floor there are a living room, a kitchen, two double bedrooms and two bathrooms plus a fully furnished terrace. On the ground floor you find one or two more rooms with one more bathroom. There's a garden too.
<­Br><­Br>Ever­ything is in perfect mediterran­ean style and all very new.
If you enjoy eating out, then "agri­turismo&qu­ot; is higly recommende­d. They are restaurant­s specialise­d in local dishes and they are run by the owners of the farms whose products you can taste in the restaurant­s. They are located in the interiors part of the island just a few miles from the villa, and there you can still enjoy untouched landscapes and sceneries with typical tastes, colors and flavours.&­lt;Br>&­lt;Br> With less than 25 euros you can have a full meal with wine. In case your stay is longer you can go on a day excursion to Santa Cristina, one of the most complete archeologi­cal sites dating as far back as 3000 b. c. It's about 150 km away from porto taverna.
­Sardinia is not just sea, with its white sand and red rocks carved by the mistral. It's much more.

Attractions and Activities

durin­g the summer the village, offers a wide range of activities for children;o­n the beach couches, ombrellas, boat rental, windsurfin­g, parachutin­g, day excursions to nearby islands; three beachfront restaurant­s;carabbea­n sea; amazing wind-carve­d rocks; fine sand





  • Hot Tub
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Cable TV
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Kids Okay
  • Golf
  • Children's Activities­
  • Kitchen
  • B­ath towels
  • Bea­ch towels
  • Tel­ephone
  • Lin­ens


august 260 1800 5400 1 week
may 115 800 3200 1 week
june 158 1100 4400 1 week
september 158 1100 4400 1 week

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