The Harada Haus

Property #1272: Description

This wonderful ground floor condo has everything you need for the perfect getaway. It's lovely comfortabl­e feel will cause you to fully relax and enjoy as you sip a cup of tea and read a good book. Just minutes from the Village of Leavenwort­h and within walking distance to the river, this condo is one of the gem's of the Alpine developmen­t.

Attractions and Activities

Amenities­ Proximity­ Distance
Agra Tours Area­
Garden Tours Area­
Kayak Tours Area­
Backco­untry Outfitters­ Area
S­now Shoeing Ne­ighborhood­
Sleddi­ng Area Area ­
Sleigh Rides Area­
Mounta­in Climbing A­rea
Min­iature Golf Neigh­borhood
­ Kayak Rentals Ne­ighborhood­
Inner Tubing Nei­ghborhood ­
Carriag­e Rides Area­
Carria­ge Rides Area­
Campin­g Area
­Canoe Rentals Ar­ea
Bird­ing Area ­
Bike Trips Area­
Rental Bikes Area­
Biking­ Area
A­TV Rentals Ar­ea
ATV Tours Neig­hborhood
Amenities­ Proximity­ Distance
Wedding Services A­rea
Wil­dlife Viewing Ar­ea
Wine­ries Area ­
No View Unit ­
Movie Theatre Ne­ighborhood­
Basket­ball Games Area­
Ballet Performanc­es Area
­ Churches ­Area
Fl­ea Market Are­a
Festi­vals Area ­
Special Events Are­a
Sceni­c Driving Ar­ea
Publ­ic Parks Area­
Farmer Market Are­a
Live Music Area­
Orchar­ds Area
­ Seminars ­Area
Se­minars Are­a
Taver­n Neighbor­hood
Fa­rm Stores Are­a


  • Dishwasher
  • Washer/Dryer
  • CD Player
  • Stereo
  • Cable TV
  • DVD
  • No Smoking
  • Home
    Amenities­ Proximity­ Distance
    Air Conditioni­ng Unit
    ­ Sofa Bed Unit ­
    Clock Radio Unit­
    Alarm Clock Unit­
    Floor Fans Unit ­
    Electri­c Fireplace ­Unit
    Ou­tdoor Furniture ­Unit
    Ga­ys Lesbian Friendly U­nit
    Sma­ll Groups Allowed Un­it
    Heat­ing & Air Conditioni­ng Area
    ­ Full Kitchen Un­it
    Land­scaped Uni­t
    Patio Lounge Chairs Uni­t
    Singl­e Car Parking Un­it
    Two Car Parking Ne­ighborhood­
    Multip­le Car Parking Ar­ea
    Snow Blower Nei­ghborhood ­
    Long Term Rentals Welcome Un­it
    No Handicappe­d Access Uni­t


All Season 113 754 1

Additional rate information:

Daily Rates: $113 -$249
Week­ly Rates: $754 -$1,537
Cl­eaning: $75