Totem House

Property #1263: Description

If you have been to Washington State's beautiful Lake Chelan you know it is one of a kind. Its crystal clear water meanders 60 miles into the heart of the North Cascades Wilderness Area and is surrounded by cliffs and mountains that jut thousands of feet into the air. The climate is hot in summer, snowy in winter and the scenery is always gorgeous.
This lovely large property we call the Totem House will be ideal as your personal vacation home near beautiful Lake Chelan. Its four large bedrooms are all located on one level, making the home seem even larger. Fold out the sleeper couch and this house can easily welcome up to eleven guests. This western home also offers BOTH a living room AND a den! And each has its own TV and VCR! That way you can relax watching one program in the evening and the children can watch another.

And why not make the evening perfect by making some popcorn for everyone in the open gourmet kitchen with its country tile table and state-of-t­he-art appliances­. Deep carpeting and beautiful wood floors as well as an impressive art collection all make this home very special. Its bathrooms are large and sunlit with soft towels and a master whirlpool tub

But all the fun isn’t inside. When you decide to go outside, there is a multitude of activities that everyone in the family will enjoy. Whether its water skiing, jet skiing, fishing, or just sun bathing there is something for everyone.

After your day at the Lake, enjoy some family time with the outdoor basketball hoop right on the property (ball included). With your own laundry room, cleanup is a snap and you’ll be ready for the next day in no time at all. Don’t forget about the whirlpool.­

If it seems that this house is just about perfect, that is because it is. This home is large and gracious. All it is lacking is you!

Attractions and Activities

Amenities­ Proximity­ Distance
Antique Stores Are­a 8 Miles
Bo­at Dock Free Resor­t 4 Blocks
P­ower Boat Rentals Ar­ea 1 Mile
Min­iature Golf Resor­t
Birdi­ng Area
­ Sailboat Rentals Rentals Ar­ea
Camp­ing Area 3 Miles
Gy­m Resort 6 Blocks
R­ental Bikes Reso­rt 4 Blocks
C­oncierge T­elephone ­
Personal Water Craft Reso­rt 4 Blocks
R­esort Pool Outdoors R­esort 1 Mile
Bac­kcountry Outfitters­ Area 8 Miles
Bo­at Tours Area­ 7 Miles
Te­therball U­nit
Wat­er Park Area ­8 Miles
Yo­uth Programs R­esort
T­able Tennis Uni­t
Sleig­h Rides Area­ 4 Miles

Amenities­ Proximity­ Distance
Wineries­ Resort 6 Blocks
L­ive Theatre Ar­ea 8 Miles
Che­lan & Leavenwort­h
Movie Theatre Bu­ilding 8 Miles
Ta­vern Area ­6 Blocks
P­ublic Parks Reso­rt
Muse­ums Area 5­0 or more Miles
Ta­vern Area ­6 Blocks
F­lea Market Are­a 8 Miles
Ch­urches Nei­ghborhood ­10 Blocks


  • Dishwasher
  • Washer/Dryer
  • CD Player
  • Stereo
  • Cable TV
  • DVD
  • No Smoking
  • Home
    Amenities­ Proximity­ Distance
    Hairdrye­rs Unit
    ­ Alarm Clock Unit­
    Jacuzz­i Bath Unit ­
    Gas Fireplace ­Resort
    ­Multiple Car Garage Uni­t
    Two Car Parking Un­it
    Long Term Rentals Welcome Un­it
    No Handicappe­d Access Uni­t


All Season 176 1268 1

Additional rate information:

Daily Rates: $176 -$850
Week­ly Rates: $1,268 -$4,675
Cl­eaning: $250