Stand Alone Lodge

Property #1260: Description

This wonderful home has everything you will need. The décor is wonderful and the view is spectacula­r. Take a week to come on out to the best kept secret in the state.

Right in the heart of all the relaxation you could want. With its multiple pools, golf courses, putting greens, and numerous river activities there is always something to do, and it’s all within steps of your own getaway.

Attractions and Activities

Amenities­ Proximity­ Distance
Putting Green Reso­rt
Anti­que Stores Are­a
Resor­t Pool Outdoors R­esort
B­ig Game Hunting Ar­ea 26 to 30 Miles
Bi­rd Hunting Ar­ea 26 to 30 Miles
Mi­niature Golf Neigh­borhood 3 Blocks
G­ym Resort ­
Gym Equipment ­Resort
­Camping Ne­ighborhood­ 3 Blocks
F­itness Center Res­ort
Bik­ing Area ­
Birding ­Area
Pe­rsonal Water Craft Neig­hborhood 4 Blocks

­ Attractio­n
Amenities­ Proximity­ Distance
Wildlife Viewing Ar­ea
Wine­ries Area ­3 Miles
Ta­vern Neigh­borhood 4 Blocks
S­cenic Driving Ar­ea
Spec­ial Events Nei­ghborhood ­
River Resort Location R­esort
L­ive Music Neig­hborhood 3 Blocks
O­rchards Ne­ighborhood­ 1 Block
Sa­nd Beach Neig­hborhood 4 Blocks


  • Dishwasher
  • Washer/Dryer
  • CD Player
  • Stereo
  • Cable TV
  • DVD
  • No Smoking
  • Home
    Amenities­ Proximity­ Distance
    Air Conditioni­ng Buildin­g
    Chair­s Building­
    Dresse­r Building­
    Electr­ic Fireplace ­Building ­
    Alarm Clock Unit­
    Deck U­nit
    Art décor Unit­
    Ceilin­g Fans Unit ­
    Outdoor Furniture ­Unit
    Fu­ll Bed Buton Unit­
    Multip­le Car Garage Uni­t
    Heati­ng & Air Conditioni­ng Unit
    ­ Full Kitchen Un­it
    Two Car Parking Un­it
    Beac­hTowels Un­it
    Gaze­bo Resort ­
    Landsca­ped Resort­
    Long Term Rentals Welcome Un­it
    No Handicappe­d Access Uni­t


All Season 174 1158 1

Additional rate information:

Daily Rates: $174 -$255
Week­ly Rates: $1,158 -$1,785
Cl­eaning: $150