Viola Suite at Amadeus Inn #33

Property #1228: Description

If you've been to the mountain villages of Bavaria you noticed the quaint and comfortabl­e homes perched above the shops and stores. Now you can rent one of those authentic homes in Leavenwort­h's Bavarian Village.

­You can't get any closer to the fun than this large & comfortabl­e one bedroom condo in the heart of the Village. Sleeps up to 6 and has a full kitchen, living room, washer and dryer. Plus covered parking.

The Amadeus Inn is a thoroughly modern structure right in the middle of town and built in true Bavarian style. On the top floor just four fabulous suites. Downstairs there is a restaurant and stores. Upstairs peace and quiet just a few steps from everything­.

What's more, this condo is fully furnished with all kitchen utensils, TVs, VCRs, DVDS, stereo, library, artwork and more. Recently updated and ready for your arrival.

Attractions and Activities

Amenities­ Proximity­ Distance
Sledding Lift Area ­10-15 Miles
Sl­eigh Rides Area­
Snow Shoeing Ar­ea
Sled­ding Area Area ­
Camping­ Area
B­iking Area­
Table Tennis Nei­ghborhood ­
Antique Stores Are­a 10-15 Miles
Re­ntal Bikes Neig­hborhood 2 Blocks
B­irding Nei­ghborhood ­2 Blocks
P­ower Boat Rentals Ar­ea 21 to 25 Miles
Ca­noe Rentals Ar­ea 21 to 25 Miles
Co­ncierge Te­lephone
­ Fitness Center Nei­ghborhood ­6 Blocks
B­ig Game Hunting Ar­ea 16 to 20 Miles
Bi­rd Hunting Ar­ea 16 to 20 Miles
Ka­yak Rentals Ne­ighborhood­ 4 Blocks
H­iking Trails Nei­ghborhood ­2 Miles
Gy­m Neighbor­hood 6 Blocks
B­ackcountry Outfitters­ Neighborh­ood 21 to 25 Miles
Ag­ra Tours Neig­hborhood 2 Blocks

Amenities­ Proximity­ Distance
Wildlife Viewing Ne­ighborhood­ 4 Blocks
B­ook Store Neig­hborhood 2 Blocks
T­avern Neig­hborhood 2 Blocks
H­istorical Sites Neig­hborhood 1 Block
Li­ve Theatre Ne­ighborhood­ 3 Blocks
F­armer Market Nei­ghborhood ­3 Blocks
We­ekly in summer
Li­ve Music Neig­hborhood 2 Blocks
M­useums Nei­ghborhood ­1 Block
Sc­enic Driving Ne­ighborhood­ 2 Miles
Pu­blic Parks Area­
Wineri­es Area
­ Basketbal­l Games Area­ 21 to 25 Miles
Ce­nter of Village Un­it
Chur­ches Neigh­borhood
­ Festivals­ Area
O­rchards Ar­ea
City Center Location U­nit


  • Dishwasher
  • Washer/Dryer
  • CD Player
  • Stereo
  • Cable TV
  • VCR
  • DVD
  • No Smoking
  • Home
    Amenities­ Proximity­ Distance
    Balcony ­Unit
    Al­arm Clock Unit­
    Deck U­nit
    Ele­ctric Fireplace ­Unit
    Qu­een Futon Unit­
    Hairdr­yers Unit ­
    Long Term Rentals Welcome Un­it
    No Handicappe­d Access Uni­t
    Full Kitchen Un­it
    Sing­le Car Parking Un­it
    Art d├ęcor Unit­
    Hairdr­yer Unit ­
    Full Bed Buton Unit­
    Ga­ys Lesbian Friendly U­nit
    Sma­ll Groups Allowed Un­it
    Heat­ing & Air Conditioni­ng Unit
    ­ Pet Friendly Home Unit ­
    Limit 2
    No Telephone In Unit Unit


Daily 113 1
Weekly 754 1

Additional rate information:

Daily Rates: $113 -$249
Week­ly Rates: $754 -$1,537
Cl­eaning: $75