Playa del Secreto Vacation Rentals

Oceanfront 3 Bedroom Villa w/

Oceanfront 3 Bedroom Villa w/

Sleeps 8 | Weekly: 4,500 <B>D­ESCRIPTION­</b>­<BR>­ -3,500 sq. ft 3 BR/3B Luxury Villa Located on Beach<B­R> <­;BR> &More info

Playa del Secreto


Playa del Secret is a secluded beach close to the city of Cancun. Located on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, this beach has many of the watersports available in the Cancun region without all the crowds.

As with many places along the shore, swimming is always an option in the warm waters of the Caribbean. Like many spots along the Caribbean, Playa del Secreto is known for the excellent scuba-diving and snorkeling available closest to shore. The reefs along the beach are home to marine animals like the octopus, manta rays, and the occasional sea turtle. There are also scuba-diving tours available that include facilities and food upon a boat. Some tours even offer night snorkeling for a unique experienced Fishing is another popular activity around the Playa del Secreto, and fishing charters are available for those who want to test their luck on the seas Those who want to harvest the power of the wind and waves can go windsurfing offshore.

Removed from the bustling city life of Cancun, the Playa del Secreto is a great location for those who want to enjoy the shores of Mexico at their comfort and leisure.