Pacific Coast Vacation Rentals (96)

Pacific Coast

The Pacific Ocean borders many cities of Mexico. Of course, its proximity to many of these cities offer all kinds of fun and unique activities. Some of the cities that border the western edge of Mexico and are lucky to meet the waves of the Pacific are Acapulco, Ixtapa Zihuantanejo, and Puerto Vallarta

The warm weather that is prevalent along the coast is a big draw to many people who choose to visit it. The white sand and constant waves are just the doors to aquatic adventures. At Ixtapa, there is a beach called Playa Las Gatas, which literally translates to “Cats Beach.” While not named for the actual animal, this beach has calm waters that are fun for swimming. Banderas Bay is very similar in nature to this beach. Throughout the year, aquatic animals surface here often, from whales to dolphins and sea turtles that nest on shore.

The Pacific Coast of Mexico is so vast that no amount of words could describe the adventures tourists have here. With endless ocean and miles of sandy shore, visitors will not go wrong choosing to stay a city that overlooks the sea.

Pacific Coast's Most Popular Beaches