Baja California Vacation Rentals (4)

Baja California

Synonymous with fun and sun is the Mexican state of Baja California. This half of the eponymous peninsula is a popular destination for many vacationers and promises all the fun that the beaches and Mexico combined have to offer.

This beautiful Mexican state has all the beauty of any tropical island. This state has all kinds of nature, and since it is mostly surrounded by water, promises to have wonderful water activities. The Sea of Cortez on the eastern side of this region and the Pacific Ocean on the west promises all kinds of fish, for of course, fishing enthusiasts. Diving is another popular activity in this area, as adventurers can see whale shark to giant manta rays and puffer fish. Boating is another popular activity as guests can rent boats or bring their own. Surfing at locations like Todos Santos and Los Cerritos are popular because of the reliable waves that frequent these areas.

Baja California is definitely the place to go for people who are looking to stay off their feet and in the pleasant waters that surround this region.