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The United Kingdom is an island positioned off the northwestern tip of Europe. This country is full of history, and tons of water sports available.

Sports involving a vessel, such as rowing or boating really popular in the United Kingdom. Rowing is popular in the ocean and lakes, while canoeing is popular on these same waters as well. Sea kayaking is another popular activity, and with all three, it is important that safety is prioritized as the waters can be dangerous. The United Kingdom has a number of very unique sports such as underwater hockey, paddling surfing, and bog snorkeling. Bog snorkeling has been increasing in popularity, and while it requires a lot of physical strength, many people enjoy it and championships are held near Llanwrtyd Wells in Powys, and Wales. The winds around the United Kingdom make it perfect for sailing and wind-surfing. A popular spot for sailing is Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

The United Kingdom is full of fun and unique water sports that will entertain visitors and aquatic enthusiasts for many days.