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Connecting eastern Europe and western Asia for many years is the country of Turkey. Its unique position makes it a great cultural meeting spot, and its location between the Black Sea, Aegean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea opens its beaches up to many unique beach experiences.

With so much water surrounding this country, it is no wonder that boat related activities continue to entice visitors. Yachts and cruise charters are available, and so is the opportunity to sail. If interested in diving, visitors should head to the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, as the warm waters make it a comfortable and fun experience. With the right documentation and the company of a guide, visitors can travel around old shipwrecks in Gallipoli and reefs in many other places. Turkey also has a number of rivers around the country, and because of this rafting and canoeing are popular amongst the extremely adventurous, and some of the best rivers for this are Coruh, Barhal, and Berta. Kite-surfing is another sport that is gaining popularity because of the great wind conditions along the Aegean shore.

Turkey has tons of sports waiting for the adventurous and open-minded, with so many things to choose from visitors will never get bored of the water the surrounds them.