Spain Vacation Rentals (17)

Taking up most of the Iberian peninsula is Spain. This large and beautiful country has shores on the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The shores of this country hold different adventures for its visitors.

The Atlantic Coast of Spain has a very different personality from its Mediterranean, and visitors will be able to find small fishing villages coupled with beautiful mountains and scenery. This side of Spain is also where visitors can find Costa de la Luz, which has become increasingly popular among visitors. Diving and snorkeling are popular here, and the many untouched beaches are great for those who want a bit of quiet beach time.

The Mediterranean coast is much different, as many parts of it are being developed into tourist spots. Regardless, this coast is quite beautiful, and there are many white sand beaches that call this coast home. Sailing and windsurfing are particularly popular in this region, particularly around Valencia. Surfing is also enjoyed by locals and visitors alike in Barcelona.

Spain is as beautiful country, and with most of its sides bordered by oceans, water-lovers will never be bored.

Spain's Most Popular Beaches