Portugal Vacation Rentals (2)

Situated on the edge of the Atlantic Coast is the country of Portugal. This small nation is privy to great weather and some of the best beaches the Atlantic Ocean has to offer.

The waters of the northern and southern shores are very different from each other. Because of the rougher waters in the north, visitors to this area will definitely enjoy surfing and body-boarding. Popular surfing spots include Ribeira d’Ilhas and the Figueira de Foz, while popular body-boarding spots are Praia Grande and Espinho.

Algarve on the southern shore of the country is known for the exciting mysteries that wait under the surface, as diving around the Lagos area. Sailing is also popular here, as many regattas are hosted by the city throughout the year. Fishing is another activity favored by visitors to the country, and great fishing destinations include Tavira, Vilamoura and the Azores islands, a small archipelago far off the coast of Portugal.

Portugal has a large variety of water sports available on its shores. With so many activities, visitors may find themselves wanting to do more than wade in the cool Atlantic waters.

Portugal's Most Popular Beaches