Italy Vacation Rentals (19)

In the southern half of Europe is the country of Italy. This country is spread across over a peninsula that juts into the Mediterranean Sea, giving many parts of this country access to the cool waters. Visitors will find that the beaches here are wonderful and enticing, promising unique experiences to every visitor.

There are several places where visitors can have a taste of the water, from the eastern coast alone the Adriatic Sea to the western coast in the Mediterranean, and the many lakes in the north offer different aquatic experiences depending on the preferences of the visitor. Along the Mediterranean Coast is Terracina, which has access to great beach amenities and beautiful views of the surrounding country. Ferries are available for visitors to see islands off the coast.

The Adriatic Coast has a different atmosphere, and many argue that this is where most of the best beaches can be found. In the northern region of Italy, there is Lake Garda, one of the best locations in Europe for windsurfing, boating, and sailing.

The many coasts of Italy make it a great place to visit, as everyone can find something to cater to his or her tastes.