Greece Vacation Rentals (15)

Located on the southeastern part of the European continent is the country of Greece. Bordering the Mediterranean Sea, this beautiful coastal country has tons of seaside activities waiting along the shore.

There are many beautiful beaches on the Greek mainland and its surrounding islands. There are a few popular beaches scattered around, such as Balos on the island of Crete. This beach has beautiful, white sand that compliment the deep blues of the Mediterranean. With a castle in the background as well as beautiful mountains, the views around this beach make it a spectacular place to visit. There are many ways to access this beach, from daily cruises to footpaths off the main road. Those who enjoy snorkeling would certainly enjoy Navagio on the island of Zakynthos. This beach is only accessible by boats, but visitors will certainly find an adventure hidden under the waves.

Traveling from island to island within this country is not difficult, and beach lovers will certainly indulge in the many unique locales on each of the islands. Greece is a great place to visit and with miles of coastline, there are sure to be activities waiting.

Greece's Most Popular Beaches