France Vacation Rentals (11)

Found in Western Europe is the country of France. Privy to both the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, visitors to this country will be pleased with the amount of shoreline they will have access to on all sides of France.

On the Mediterranean Coast of France, visitors will find beautiful and luxurious places to visit such as Nice, St. Tropez and Cannes. Nice is the center of activity on this coast of France, and visitors are able to visit the beaches and sunbathe on the shores while here. Cannes and St. Tropez are only short drives away from this wonderful place, and are great places to visit as well. Cannes is home to the eponymous film festival, and a large port that appeals sailors and yachters alike. Visitors will never be disappointed with the bustling streets and beaches found here.

The northwestern coast of France borders the Atlantic coastline, and is quieter than its southern Mediterranean counterpart. Many people flock here for the great surfing provided on these shores from beaches. Some popular coastal locations to visit on this side of France include the Cote d’Amour and the Cote de Jade.

Visitors will never tire of France as its different coastlines offer unique experiences to all who flock to its shores.

France's Most Popular Beaches