Cyprus Vacation Rentals (3)

Cyprus is a small island located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. This island country has access to all the wonderful water activities that beach goers and adventure seekers will certainly enjoy.

While in Cyprus, visitors can go diving in the many fascinating and unique spots scattered off the shores of the island. The Zenobia Wreck is a popular spot for diving, as well as Konnos Point and Chapel Bay. Both places are perfect for divers of all ages, and are great for those who want to see some of the unique wildlife of the Mediterranean Sea.

There are also beautiful coastlines on this small island. Many hotels on this island have a stretch of sand along the Famagusta coast, which has many beautiful beaches. One of them is Silver Beach, which is home to a submerged harbor of an ancient city. One the Agia Napa Coast, visitors will find some of the best beaches in Cyprus which attracts many visitors throughout the year. Many of these beaches are great for fishing and there are some smaller islands off the shore that are accessible from beaches here.

Cyprus is a wonderful place to visit for those looking at a quiet experience in the Mediterranean.