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Villa Del Mar Caribe

Villa Del Mar Caribe

Sleeps 4 | Daily: $130 | Weekly: $850 | Monthly: N/A Bienvenido­s a nuestra villa del Mar Caribe - Welcome to our villa by the Caribbean Sea, Villa Del Mar Caribe is our vacation villa on the North Coast of Honduras. Our ... More info

Honduras small country in Central America that has a small coast on the Pacific Ocean shore. A majority of its coast lines the Caribbean Sea. Regardless of where tourists choose to vacation, there is never a shortage of water fun and activities.

One of the most frequented spots in the country is the island of Roatan. It has many smaller islands surrounding it and the many cays on its shores make it perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. In fact, the reefs that surround the island are considered to be some of the largest in the world, coming after the Great Barrier Reef and the Belize Barrier Reef. Other activities available on this island include sailing, windsurfing and kayaking. There are a number of popular beaches in Honduras, such as Omoa, Tela, Trujillo, and Puerto Cortes. At any of these beaches, visitors will be able to find fun activities, such as surfing and fishing.

Honduras is full of adventures waiting to happen, with the cool blue waters of the Caribbean, there is nothing but fun and relaxation waiting on these shores.