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Hotel Desire Costa Rica

Hotel Desire Costa Rica

Sleeps 2 | Daily: 85.00 Hotel Desire is a majestic private, gated resort for adults only located a few miles just outside the Capital City of San Jose and only 20 minute from the San Jose Airport ( SJO ) ... More info

At the center of Costa Rica is its capital city, San Jose. While it does not have quick and direct access to the shores of Costa Rica, its location allows visitors access to both the Pacific and Caribbean waters, and all the lakes scattered in between.

A great diversion from the city life is the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. While exploring the lush rainforests in the Costa Rican scenery, adventurers will hike past many beautiful waterfalls, such as El Templo and Magia Blanca that blend seamlessly with the surroundings. From here, visitors can access Trout Lake, and go fishing. San Jose is less than one hundred miles from the Pacific and Caribbean shore, so visitors can take a quick drive to the Carara National Park on the Pacific shore or the Parque Nacional Torutuguero on the Caribbean shore.

Every town and road and part of Costa Rica leads right back to San Jose. This city promises all the life and activity you would expect in the capital city. Tourists will certainly enjoy their stay in this city surrounded by some of the most beautiful forests of the world.