Puntarenas Vacation Rentals (9)

Puntarenas is the largest province of Costa Rica which also has access to the Pacific Ocean. This province is home to a myriad of beach activities, perfect for those who like to do more than just get their feet wet.

This province is particularly popular among many tourists. While the province has a peculiar shape, much of it is very close to the ocean. From everything to inlets and islands, bays and beaches, there are tons of settings for adventurers to choose from. One popular activity is diving, with an equally popular destination: Bahia Herradura. In this location, there is a spot called El Jardin where an aptly named underwater garden of sea fans and soft coral cover the aquatic terrain. Snorkeling is another fun activity in this region as those who venture under the waves will be excited by the rainbow of color around them. Those looking for something on the waves should head towards the northern part of the Puntarenas region, where surfing is quite prevalent. Mal Pais and Santa Theresa are the most frequented spots for avid surfers, as both provide good swells throughout the year.

Although Puntarenas translates to "sandy point," visitors will quickly learn that there is more than sand in this great Costa Rica destination.

Puntarenas's Most Popular Beaches