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Abalone Cove

Abalone Cove

Sleeps 6 | Daily: 200. | Weekly: 1350. A unique oceanfront home located on the coast of Northern California­. Private, on 3.5 acres. Includes beach access to the pristine, rocky shoreline, tidepools,More info


In the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad is certainly the larger of the two. This Caribbean island is located near the the northern coast of South America, and has a vibrant and colorful mix of cultures that have influenced many ways of life on the island.

Maracas Bay is a popular destination for visitors to the island. The journey to this place is just as beautiful as the place itself, as roads have a beautiful mountain background and are covered in blankets of green. The beach itself is a white sand beach and is perfect for surfing, as many great waves have been reported here. Those looking for a quieter beach can check out Mayaro Bay on the southern end of the island. Another place that definitely should be visited is La Brea Pitch Lake, the largest natural asphalt lake in the world. Many people find this site fascinating.

Trinidad is a great place to visit for all kinds of travelers, and since it is only a short flight away from Tobago, visitors will never run out of adventures.