Puerto Rico Vacation Rentals (13)

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island located east of Hispaniola and is very close to the Greater Antilles. This warm, 35-mile island has been nicknamed the “Island of Enchantment” because of the alluring beauty that is prevalent in this colorful city. This island is vibrant and full of life and visitors will never have a boring moment while on their stay in this magnificent place.

The comfortable weather makes outdoor activities here the perfect idea. With the sun shining, visitors will definitely be able to take advantage of all that this place has to offer. One of the unique sites of Puerto Rico is its bioluminescent bays. Here, microorganisms light up the lagoon at night setting the dark ocean ablaze with this curious natural light.

Diving is another popular activity here, as the warm waters are inviting for all divers to explore. There are several exquisite diving locations scattered in the waters that border this beautiful island, and great sites include areas near Desecheo Island and Mona Island just to name a few. Other popular activities include surfing, fishing and sailing. There are also a few golf courses available.

Puerto Rico has it all, from a rich local culture to numerous outdoor activities. Everyday has the opportunities to turn into something fun and fabulous for any adventurous visitor.