Jamaica Vacation Rentals (21)


West of Hispaniola is the country of Jamaica, which is part of the Greater Antilles. This colorful country was once called the “Land of Wood and Springs” and with endless and beautiful waterfalls surrounded by verdant beauty, any traveler would be happy to spend time on this bountiful island.

Since Jamaica is known for its springs, visitors should definitely check out attractions that allow them to experience their effects. Tourists can check out Dunn’s River Falls and Park where they can climb the falls and watch as the water flows peacefully into the sea. At Mayfield Falls and Mineral Springs, guests can swim in one of over twenty natural springs that are due to the falls. Rafting is a popular activity down the Martha Brae.

For activities closer to the beach, there is the Aquasol Theme Park, where visitors can find water sports, as well as tennis and go-cart racing. There are also sailing cruises available as well as swimming with the dolphins, and scuba-diving.

Jamaica is a wonderful place to visit, especially for those who love water in all its forms.

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